Royal Ascot, Cape Town

Royal Ascot, Cape Town view

Royal Ascot is a family-friendly suburb situated just 10km from Cape Town's CBD and 3km from Century City. It’s a picturesque residential enclave offering a perfect blend of convenience and tranquility. With multiple shops, including restaurants, residents enjoy a variety of amenities right at their doorstep. Excellent government schools located only 2km away add to the appeal for families seeking educational opportunities. Milnerton clinic just across the street. Known for its pristine, green, and leafy environment, Royal Ascot features many small parks for kids, making it an ideal setting for family living. The residential mix is approximately a 50-50 split between family homes and apartments, all offering good value for money. The neighborhood places a strong emphasis on security, with only security estates contributing to the overall safety of the area. Royal Ascot's median age reflects a balanced demographic, with a roughly equal three-way split between pensioners, middle-aged individuals, and those in the mature age group. Approximately 10% of the population consists of children, making it a sought-after destination for families, empty nesters and starter couples. The suburb's close proximity to Milnerton Lagoon and Sunset Beach provides opportunities for family walks and outdoor activities. Additionally, the Montague Gardens light industrial area in close proximity caters to business owners, adding to the versatility and attractiveness of Royal Ascot as a residential and business-friendly community.